The Cherry Orchard: Relationship Misconceptions

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Anton Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” may possibly contain some of the most dramatic misconceptions of relationships.

Most of the story takes place around a stir crazy relationship between dozens and dozens of people.  Its almost like a soap opera.  There’s about three love relationships going on along with screwed up family relationships.  This story includes dramatic daughters, sinister men and hormonal young women.  The love relationships are almost non-existent unless you are talking about the relationship between two of the servants.  That relationship is almost entirely made up of the boy playing with the girls heart just so he can “get some.” 

Now the relationship between daughter 1(I would put her name but they are all Russian and I do NOT remember them) falls in love with the jerk whose trying to sell off the cherry orchard.   I don’t even know what she was thinking, he sounds like a jerk. 

Daughter 2 likes the weird guy who tutored her dead brother.  He sounds like a creep and doesn’t believe in love and something like that. 

Basically this whole story is staight out of Days of Our Lives.  I feel like someone should be finding out they have an evil twin brother or something.  All I know is no one should base their love lives off of The Cherry Orchard.


Commentary 2: Music video girls

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Have you ever watched a music video and theres a half naked girl shaking her butt in the background?

What is the purpose of thse women degrading themselves?  Is it the money, the fame, or is it the want to please the people around them?  In a society where women are seen as equal to men, do these women find some want to please these men?

I believe the answer to this question is yes.  Being from the south and having southerners all around me I understand the fact that women want to please men.  Believe it or not some women find some sort of personal feeling in needing to degrade themselves for men. 

Let me explain.  Some women are born with a natural need to please men.  These women find doing something as degrading as being half naked on videos pleasing to the men around them.   

At the same time though I feel sorry for these women.  Some may need the money, and some may just want to get into the business.

In the end they are only making society worse for the women around them.  I hope someday these women will take in the fact that there is no need for them to degrade themselves in such manners.

Sexism at its finest

November 18, 2010 - One Response

  • S: (n) sexism (discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of the opposite sex)

Sexim, we don’t think about it, we avoid it, we won’t even talk about it when the issue arrises.  But have you noticed the amount of sexism that is apparent in our society, especially against woman? 

Before I approach this touchy subject I would like everyone to know I am NOT a feminist nor am I a discriminator towards them.  I am pretty borderline on this subject, I would like to think that I am both sides just trying to understand why sexism is still so big in our society.

I guess my mind wandered towards sexism when on monday three of my classmates presented to us four different commercials.  All of them being different , two of them stood out to me. 

One of the commercials was an Axe commercial.  All these women in bikinis were all running to one place.  At the end of the commerical you see all these attractive women going towards one, lesser attractive man who is spraying said product all over himself.  At first the commercial did not offend me until I realized, there is no way this makes women look good.  First off as a woman smelling good is a great thing.  But I will not be unsnapping my bra just because you smell good.  Second off I will not be running at you like a ravenous animal just because you smell good.  Sorry boys.

The second commercial was of a man drinking.  As he is drinking the unattractive women across the table becomes more and more attractive.  At the end of his beer she becomes ugly again and he orders another one.

I would like to apologize for my language that I am fixing to use.  What the hell?  So just because a women is ugly on the outside it does not mean she is the most amazing woman on the face of the planet?    The problem with this commerical is that its saying that women have to be drop dead gorgeous for them to even have a chance at love.  This makes no sense.  Every woman deserves love just like every beer gut man deserves love. 

BUT before all you men decide I am just a crazy feminist remember what I said at the beginning I am on both sides.  So hear me out. 

I think its sad that women are not the same as they used to be.  Women from the past tried so hard to prove themselves they sort of screwed us here in the present. 

Let me explain.  As many people know I work at a local retail store.  I have noticed that the men I work with are so scared of seeming sexist they make me do a lot of heavy work.  I am not a very strong person, and I don’t really want to be.  I cannot lift boxes or do manual labor, that is a mans job. 

Yes I said it, a mans job.  It makes me angry that women worked so hard to prove themselves that now i’m paying for it! 

I have always wanted nothing more than to someday be a stay at home mom, but apparently that is frowned upon by society.  I remember the first time I told my high school math teacher that I wanted to be a stay at home mom, I have never seen someone have such a look of disguist on their face.  I mean is that too much to ask?  I just want to raise my kids, I don’t want a nanny or daycare to raise them.  Their MY children, and my husband and I get to choose who raises them not you. 

As a woman I just wanted to be treated equally.  Lift the heavy boxes, open the door for me, call me pretty, I am strong and confident, but I am still a girl.  I deserve to be treated like a lady.


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On monday morning I sat down in my english class not believing how my week would be changing.

We sat gathered around the laptop screen of my classmate watching four drifferent commercials. 

Two of them stood out to me.  One of them being a beer commercial the other being an Axe commercial.  The beer commercial was about a man sitting across from a unattractive woman.  As he keeps drinking the beer the woman becomes more and more appealing. 

The Axe commercial shows half naked woman running towards one object.  At the end of the commercial you see all the attractive women running towards a lesser attractive man spraying the product all over himself. 

The bad selling points of these commercials are pretty obvious.  Obviously men need to understand that putting your “beer googles” on does NOT make this decision smart.  Also this woman may be hideous on the outside but she may just be the most amazing woman on the inside.  Do not ever allow looks to warp your views on someone. 

As for the Axe commercial.  It repulses me that this commercial contains half naked women running towards some guy who smells good.  Its unreal, degrading, and stupid.  It did not make me want to even date someone who thought this got them laid.

The commercials much to my dismay did have some good selling points.  They were both funny, they made me laugh because they were just stupid. 

They also appealed to men more, as a woman I don’t think these commercials are even worth my time.  I did show one of my guy friends the two commercials and he loved them.  He literally wanted to go buy Axe after he saw the commercial. 

As a whole though, with the good and the bad the companies obviously know what sells. Sex sells.  In a general consecus I do believe the commercials knew what they were doing.  I applaud their brilliance, but not their disguist.

Redheads in a blaze of glory

November 15, 2010 - One Response

Have you ever seen your life flash before your eyes?

Well I have. On Friday night me and my classmate, Ryan Howell (A.K.A King of Muggles) drove to popejoy hall to see “The Cherry Orchard.” 

We were having a great time laughing and talking.  We sat at a red light, as we waited for it to change we started laughing again.  Suddenly it turned green, but Ryan had made a fatal error, the green arrow was not on!  Suddenly three lanes of cars and a bus came hurdling at us.  My life flashed before my eyes, playing at the beach, eating mudd, zombie invasions, bad boyfriends, messy first kisses, long text messages, and how happy my mom would be to be getting my new leather jacket all to herself. 

But Ryan quickly made the fatest u-turn I had ever seen in my life.  It was literally so fast and took place in one lane!  Luckily Ryan had taken defensive driving classes with police officers so he handled the situation well!  Everything was a blur I just remember laughing a lot.  I remember telling him it was the best moment ever.  We literally laughed about it the rest of the night and are currently laughing at it right now. 

Oh yeah then we saw “The Cherry Orchard.” The actors and actresses were awesome the play itself though was not very exciting.  I found myself getting diatracted and not being able to follow the play very well.  It was a great performance and I totally support there love of such plays.

P.S. Redheads have souls too!

P.S. 2 and from The King of Muggles 3 days 4 hours and 3 minutes until Harry Potter Deathly Hallows comes outs!!!!

I can’t believe I made a list of this..

November 14, 2010 - 3 Responses

I have decided a lot of stuff today about boys, I even made a list of them all.  I call this list “Devonna’s perfect man.”  It has just been one of those days where I need to write everything down.  This list is my perfect boy list.  It is everything I look for in a man.  It is truly everything I have always considered perfect.

1. He must win me one of those toys in one of those claw machines.

2. He must love my annoying little dog.

3. He must love my family because their awesome.

4. He must absolutely positively give me attention, lots of attention.

5. He must be funny, I like to laugh, I get bored easily.

6. He has to like some kind of sport, because I like sports a lot. 

7. He must never point out my flaws, I know what they are I don’t need your help in seeing them.

8. He must be able to call me pretty when I am crying and boogers are running down my face AND he must mean it.

9. He must be easy going.

10. He must be sweet and genuine.

11. He must be non-clingy.

12. He must understand my mortal fears of the following: moths, zombies, butchers, flying objects, and throw up.

13. He must be patient because I am quite a handful.

14. He must never ever disrupt one of my sacred naps.

15. He must love my best friend Krystal.

I have billions more but I have to say those are the top.  Thats all I have to say at the moment.  I would appreciate feedback :].


Devonna ❤

Comprehending love.

November 9, 2010 - 2 Responses

Lately I have been feeling many strange emotions.  The other day I sat with a friend, as I told him about this blog the first thing that came out of his mouth was “the biggest trial of dating is knowing whether your in love or not.”  Then it hit me, when in a relationship do you know when your in love? 

I have always believed in the saying “tell that person how you feel because you don’t know if you have tomorrow with them.” 

Thats true, so so so true, we are not promised tomorrow.  In fact no one is promised tomorrow.  I think the problem in many people wait to long to say ‘I love you’.  In my mind there is no too soon.”  I guess its because of my parents that I have that motto (seeing as they only dated three months until getting married and they are still going strong).  You should never let time make your judgement, you are in love when your heart tells you that you are.  You never know if you will ever get to tell that person how you feel ever again.  Don’t allow your fear of being rejected overshadow how you truly feel.

An endless effort in the effortless dating world

November 6, 2010 - One Response

Have you ever dated someone and no matter what it felt like “there is no way this is EVER going to work.”  Welcome to my life, call me a perfectionist but isnt dating supposed to be oh I dont know amazingly comfortable?  Shouldnt you be able to tell everything to this person.  I am starting to wonder, does anyone ever meet this person and when they do what keeps them together.  I have noticed lately that the amount of divorce and break ups has increased at least in my family and friends area.  So why is it soo dificult to find someone who understands you.  Maybe its because we live in a world where cheating and lying are acceptable.  All I know is I plan on finding out, what makes the perfect relationship “tick?”

My name is Devonna Roy by the way.  Self proclaimed heartbreaker according to my brother.  I am only 18 but at the same time I have been through a lot of CRAPPY relationships.  I am a college student which makes life even more difficult seeing as there is an attractive man walking by me every second that I am here.  And if you are one of my friends you know that creepy men flock to me.  I DONT KNOW WHY!  My title says it all though, I am one of those people who pours my heart and soul into something if I want it bad enough.  No matter how many guys I have dated (which is rounding off to a big number so i’ll shut my mouth on that part) I am always the one putting the effort in all he wants is to see me so he can kiss my face and hold my hand.  Yes thats cute and all but I want to talk, I like to talk.  I am a person whose like look at me I am adorable and need attention. 

So I wanna know, where is my perfect relationship with some sweet guy who will let me talk and at the same time pay attention to me?  Thats basically the point of this blog.  The trials of dating, yep thats it,  there are so many trials but I know out there somewhere theres a little bit of a perfect relationship with in essence your perfect person.